The Unexpected Success of Devilman: Crybaby

My Stand on Anime


When people ask me; “am I an anime fan?” I struggle to find the most relevant answer. Berserk is among one of my favourite stories in any medium, not just anime and there are collections of manga and anime in my room. Dragonball Z was a humongous part of my childhood and I would claim that some of my favourite movies of all time are anime.

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HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1

After my first attempt of making a ‘bad’ 1980’s inspired mini series with the episode HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning, I feel like i learnt a lot.

There are still many things for myself to learn, but I feel like I am getting that one step closer to the perfect episode with this episode HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1.

In this episode our protagonist HorseHead meets his FBI partner Detective Croak and is sent to hunt down a Narznark. Narznarks are infected Aliens that may just be zombie aliens! 

Please sit back, enjoy this second episode and the first of a Halloween 2 part special!

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