Three Everyday things that would get you killed in the world of ‘A Quiet Place’.

So, today I saw the thrilling movie A Quiet Place. The film was one of the tensest experiences I have ever had in the cinema, loving every minute of it. While watching the film though, I noticed a few things. There are a few things which we as humans, do on an everyday basis, that we can’t help and would definitely get us all killed by the strange creatures from the film. Here are some I thought of { VERY SLIGHT SPOILERS}…

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HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1

After my first attempt of making a ‘bad’ 1980’s inspired mini series with the episode HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning, I feel like i learnt a lot.

There are still many things for myself to learn, but I feel like I am getting that one step closer to the perfect episode with this episode HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1.

In this episode our protagonist HorseHead meets his FBI partner Detective Croak and is sent to hunt down a Narznark. Narznarks are infected Aliens that may just be zombie aliens! 

Please sit back, enjoy this second episode and the first of a Halloween 2 part special!

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