Why we are bassically living in a Cyberpunk world already

Potential WWIII, Global Pandemic, what’s next?

Hello All! Long time no see! It’s been a while and we are three months into the decade already. What a start it has been, Britain has left the EU, there were rumours of the start of World War 3 and for about a month Coronavirus has taken over the world. It is quite a coincidence that I had started this post in January and all this has happened since my small break. Anyway, let’s discuss why I think we are living in a Dystopian Cyberpunk World already.

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Cyberpunk, my favourite sub-genre of all time. The definition is “A genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.” If I asked you to sum up what the last few years of the 2010s and what the beginning of this decade seems to be heading towards, what would you say? Probably something quite similar, correct? It is also very strange to actually be alive in the year 2020, a year very much associated with the future, particularly a Cyberpunk one, in this post I will be detailing a few reasons why I believe we are basically already living in a cyberpunk world and why over the next decade we are definitely heading towards one.

It’s 2020

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We are now in the 2020s, this decade was a host of many CyberPunk movies/ books/ anime/ games. The most obvious link is Akira (set a bit later), which had the Olympics in Japan, which is now happening this year! Blade Runner was set in 2019 and a few things that guesses have become reality. The last major example I could think of was Cyberpunk 2020, a tabletop game that Cyberpunk 2077 is based off.

Tesla’s new car

Image result for tesla truck

There is no denying, no matter what you think of the new Tesla car, that it looks like it is from the future. I’m half expecting it to fly in the air. The fact that it can drive itself, and looks like this, screams Cyberpunk. Plus did you see how the boot folds up?!

AI has nearly been perfected

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“Hey Siri”, is a common term used these days, but that is not the only AI that is invented, there are countless AI’s that have been around the past few years. This scares me, the fact that we already have such advanced technology confirms that the perfect AI is coming very soon (I would say this decade) and AI is a major theme in the Cyberpunk subgenre.

We have our first cyborg

Image result for sophia robot

Sophia the robot is the most advanced robot I have ever seen. She can hold conversations, sing on demand and has some realistic body language and facial expressions. The closer we get to making this technology affordable the closer we will get to a Blade Runner future, or even Terminator (I hope not).

People are marrying robots

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I’m not even going to speak too much on this one, people are literally marrying robots and there are way more people dating them.

Technology rules our everyday life

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You want to go somewhere you haven’t been before, you want to map your journey, how do you do this? Do you: a) use some kind of maps APP, or b) actually use a paper map or road signs. I’m going to hazard a guess that most of you would say a). That’s just one example, we are all constantly on our phones, TVs, or games and most of us are addicted to social media. Technology rules our everyday lives now. It has made most things redundant because we can do nearly everything from our phones or laptops. 80s Sci-Fi movies (particularly Cyberpunk ones) warned us that technology would take over the world and it has, right under our noses – literally.

We are living in a Global Pandemic

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What is more dystopian than a modern pandemic. Do I think we are overexaggerating and overreacting over this new virus? Yep. Should we take precautions? 100%. But panicking, shutting down everything and arresting people for leaving the house is not the way to go about it. It very much feels like a plot to an apocalyptic movie right now, what’s next in store for us? I’m waiting for the government to confirm Aliens exist next. What do you think will be the next panic?

Have you seen what major cities look like?

Image result for cyberpunk 2077 city

Image result for tokyo 2019

Image result for akira city

Image result for hong kong city at night

Which of these cities are real? Which are from a film or video game? It might be quite obvious, but there is no denying that our major cities now look like something ripped straight from the movies Akira or Blade Runner. What we thought thirty years ago, our cities would look like, they now do. Is it that they were inspired by these movies? Or is it that the movies knew where we were headed? No one will ever know.

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After reading this, is there any question that we are already living in a Cyberpunk world? I wanted to keep this blog post short and sweet to really bring my point across. The Coronavirus has got me putting my conspiracy thinking cap on and it is a start to show that we are literally living the plot of a Sc-Fi story right now. Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts!!!

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