Midsommar Spoiler Review

A beautiful mess.

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I love Hereditary it was my second favourite film of last year and one of my favourite horror movies to come out in years. It was scary, well acted and shot beautifully, with a ton of rewatch value and with questions which I still think of today. So when Midsommar was announced and that it was written and directed by the same talent, I was eagerly excited. With the movie releasing in the summer I missed it in the cinema which upset me, so as soon as it came out on DVD/Blu-Ray I bought it, ready to watch another masterpiece. I got the disc out of the box, put it in the Blu-Ray player and pressed play and what did I think? Ummm…

Before we go any further I will warn you, there are HEAVY SPOILERS coming up, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it and come back.

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Seen it? Good. The first 20 minutes or so grabbed me, setting up a realistic and bleak tone which if you’ve read TOP 50 FAVOURITE HORROR FILMS OF ALL TIME you know I love in a horror movie. The first image was a tapestry of what will happen in the movie, which was visually striking. Our main character’s (Dani) sister who has bipolar kills herself as well as their parents. Dani’s 4-year relationship is falling to pieces but they are trying to hang on and this tragedy forces the boyfriend to stay with her. The boyfriend’s Swedish friend invites them all to go to Sweden for Midsommar and straight away I was in for the movie.

Next, we have some of the best cinematography and use of camera angles I have seen all year, this movie is gorgeous. Every single scene is set up perfectly keeping your eyes glued and mixed with the amazing performances from all our actors; I thought for sure I was going to love this movie.

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Of course, things don’t end up well for our characters as this Midsommar festival is an evil cult, which just starts off with volunteered sacrifices, but eventually, lead to them killing off our main characters. Funnily enough, the only deaths I was actually upset by was the death of the British couple as they were the only two who seemed nice and not flawed like our main characters.

I was all on board until the final climax, still visually beautiful, I think the pace became stagnant and didn’t develop any further and by the end, I was just bored of the predictability and felt that the movie was being a bit too pretentious for its own good. The movie thought it was smarter than it was, it’s not that subtle that it’s about Dani’s dying relationship and in my opinion, all we are left with is a beautiful movie, with great acting, but a messy and predictable story.

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I understand that I did have very high expectations for this movie and if I didn’t I may have liked it more, but it is still a bit messy and the plot definitely doesn’t warrant a 150-minute runtime. I get why a lot of people love this movie, as it is technically a very well made movie, it just wasn’t for me. I just hope that the next movie this director/writer makes; I like more, as he is very talented and I can’t wait to see what he does next. For the next project, I think he needs to think about making a more focussed script before putting in the questions he wants us to ask, more similar to Hereditary.

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SCORE: 6/10

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought of Midsommar!

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