American Horror Story Series Ranked

With AHS 84 out at the moment and it’s the month of horror, I thought we could rank every season of American Horror Story so far.

American Horror Story is one of my favourite TV shows ever, every season has a cool story that blends nearly every genre of horror that there is. Each season has amazing acting, great effects, and a good story. Of course, there are better seasons than others, so let’s have a look at all the seasons and which ones are my favourite! I’m going to try and keep this as spoiler-free as possible, for those of you who may have not seen every season, but be warned there will be minor spoilers ahead.

8. Roanoke (Season 6)

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Roanoke was very much a mixed bag of a season. There were some truly terrifying scenes and some great twists; specifically halfway through the season. The main trouble I had with this season is the last episode is so bad. It really ends the season on a sour note and is the reason I have never bothered to re-watch it since it came out three years ago.

SCORE: 6.5/10

7. Freak Show (Season 4)

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Freak Show was perhaps my most anticipated season for AHS. The premise sounded like the perfect fit and Twisty the Clown looked truly horrific. The first lot of episodes (mainly the ones with Twisty in) were solid and seemed as though this would be the best season yet, but as the season went on, it lost its pace and started getting a bit boring. This isn’t to undermine the excellent performances this season is filled with, but the season just didn’t seem as strong as it could have, with such an amazing premise.

SCORE: 7/10

6. Apocalypse (Season 8)

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Apocalypse was a solid season, it had a creative story about the Apocalypse and the story was non-linear, which is always cool. It brought back the characters from Murder House and Coven, which are some of the most favoured seasons and we had a great antagonist. This season really brought a ton of different types of horror and I did really enjoy it, not sure if I would rewatch it though.

SCORE: 7.2/10

5. Cult (Season 7)

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Perhaps the scariest season for me, because it is the most realistic. Evan Peters plays a Charles Manson type┬ácharacter and is truly horrifying in the role. This season may not be everyone’s favourite, due to the political background of the season, but the scares and the characters were really well done.

SCORE: 7.5/10

4. Coven (Season 3)

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Coven was a really cool season, especially with the terrific performances from Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett. I loved the Minotaur villain and the magic was very cool. I haven’t rewatched this season since it came out, but I can still remember a lot of it which says a lot.

SCORE: 8/10

3. Hotel (Season 5)

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Stylistically Hotel is my favourite season. It oozes style out of your screen and is perhaps one of the goriest stories so far. Lady Gaga surprisingly gave a great performance, I loved Evan Peters as an old-style serial killer and every other actor gives a good performance also. For me, this was the return to form for AHS after Freak Show and it stands as one of the best so far.

SCORE: 8.8/10

2. Murder House (Season 1)

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The season that started it all off, we didn’t know that this would be an anthology when it first came out and really wondered where the series would be headed when this one came to a close. It was the perfect introduction, filled with what makes AHS so great: scary scenes, intense gore, excellent performances, and an intriguing story. This season is so loved that when it came back in Apocalypse people went crazy.

SCORE: 9/10

1. Asylum (Season 2)

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By far my favourite season of AHS. It had everything we could ask for; an evil Nazi scientist, a possessed nun, aliens, and some very intense scenes. In my opinion, this has the best performances by all the regular actors and probably has the scariest scenes out of any season. I don’t want to spoil too much, but if you haven’t seen this season… YOU MUST NOW!

SCORE: 9.5/10

So there we have it, all eight seasons ranked. When 84 finishes I will be reviewing it, so far it is one of my favourite seasons. It is basically every 80s slasher put together and if you have read my blog for a while, you know that 80s slasher movies are among my favourite horrors. Thanks for reading! Follow me for some more lists and reviews and give a like, if you liked it!

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