This week has just been an awesome week, Game of Thrones episode 2 came out, Mortal Kombat 11 came out and then Avengers: Endgame came out. After the huge cliffhanger of Avengers: Infinity War, we finally get the finale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. This review will have spoilers for Infinity War (if you somehow didn’t watch that last year) and then have spoilers for Endgame at the end, which I will warn you prior.

Spoiler Free Review

At the end of Infinity War, we were left with nearly all our favourite characters disappearing after Thanos had won and snapped his fingers, leaving us in huge anticipation for how The Avengers would fix this. As I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible; at the beginning, I will say that the movie started a very different way that I thought it would, in a good way. Our Avengers have never experienced this level of loss before and it was truly refreshing to see.

The first third is a little slow, as it shows where our characters are after their heavy loss and it takes a little while for the gears to start grinding. That being said, we do get some true character moments with all our favourites and it gives us awesome character scenes similar to the Age of Ultron party scene.

Once things get going though, the film really kicks in and it doesn’t stop until the final second. The action is the best we have seen in the MCU and the last thirty minutes literally made me cry with happiness for what I was seeing. Seeing a scene which I had only ever seen in comics or animation, in reality, was a dream come true.

There are a few negatives with the movie though, one of them being the first act is very slow and if you aren’t a huge fan of the characters, you may find yourself getting a tiny bit bored. An argument can also be said that if you haven’t seen nearly all the Marvel movies, you won’t enjoy it as much, as there is a ton of fan service referencing the films from the last 11 years.

There isn’t much else I can say without getting into spoilers here, I feel like I definitely need to see the film again to take it all in, as so much did happen, but I still loved it. As much as Infinity War? I’m not sure yet and once I have seen it a couple more times I will rank all the Marvel movies again to wrap up this end of an era.

Let’s wrap up this spoiler-free review:

The Good:

Tons of fan service

Action like I have never seen

Great character moments

Great ending to a fantastic saga

The Bad:

If you don’t follow all the films, you may get a little lost

The first act is a little slow

SCORE: 9/10

The score may change, once I have seen it a couple of times, but for now, the movie feels like a 9/10 for me. Now, let’s move onto spoilers, as it will be a lot easier to talk about the movie I have just seen.


I think there’s been enough warning, but just in case, what you are about to read is filled with spoilers.

I did not expect them to go straight to Thanos and just kill him and for the stones to be destroyed. I was quite shocked and you could tell this moment broke a lot of our characters. Five years then passed, Thor was very affected, which we see at his New Asgard which was as hilarious as it was sad looking where he was. I absolutely loved seeing him with Meek and Korg playing Fortnite and that he was now a fat Thor. He was broken and it was different to see him in such a weak spot. Hulk was also hilarious; Banner mixed his brain with the Hulk’s brawn and actually brought a lot of the laughs in the film. Another stand out character, in the beginning, was Hawkeye as Ronin fighting the Yakuza in Tokyo, it was a very stylish scene which felt more like a Yakuza game. Every character was effected and it was cool to see them in a spot they had never been at.

As cool as it was, it was a little bit slow, with hardly any action in that first hour, with all character moments, that is until Ant-Man finally gets out of the Quantum realm and thinks of the idea of time travelling through the Quantum realm. Tony is at first hesitant about this, as he is happy with his family now, but agrees to make it and the film really kicks in when the time travelling starts. The number of callbacks and references to prior films made me fanboy out ALOT!

Our characters go back to the first Avengers, first Guardians of the Galaxy and surprisingly Thor The Dark World, which actually redeemed that film a bit more for me. Many scenes stood out in the time travel part of the movie, my favourite was the elevator scene with Captain America, as it was an awesome callback to The Winter Soldier. I loved how in these scenes all of our characters got closure, Tony got to talk to his dad, Thor managed to talk to his mum, Nebula managed to get Gamora back and much more. There was also the scene which Black Widow and Hawkeye need to get the soul stone, where ultimately Black Widow dies, it was a sad moment especially as their chemistry as old friends were shown on full scale when both of them wanted the other to survive.

Then, the finale kicks in and this was easily the most epic thing I’ve ever seen in the cinema. When our heroes gathered all the gems I knew something was going to go wrong and it did. The past Nebula switched with the good one and brought Thanos into the future who then violently attacks our heroes. Hulk is damaged from using the stones to bring everyone back and it’s up to Thor, Captain America and Iron Man to face off against Thanos. They put up a great fight, especially the crowd-pleasing moment where Captain America is worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer! But, they are no match for Thanos and the excellent moment from the comic book Infinity Gauntlet, where Thanos starts destroying Cap’s shield happens and I honestly thought that he was going to die, but then BOOM! Doctor Strange’s teleports start forming and Black Panther and his crew arrive and the whole audience started cheering when suddenly all of our modern Avengers come to help. Then just as I could feel myself tearing up Captain America utters the words “Avengers Assemble” and I lost it and started crying. This was the most amazing scene I’ve ever seen in a comic book movie, with every hero and character you could think of facing against Thanos and his army, for the final battle.

They all fail though and Thanos gets the stones and I genuinely thought that they may have to do something with time again, but then Doctor Strange puts up his finger telling Tony this is their one chance, which leads to Tony leaping towards Thanos and seeming to fail, but he took the Nano from the gauntlet he made and put all the stones in his suit. Before Thanos can get them from him he clicks his fingers and destroys Thanos and his whole army. This moment was truly amazing and wrapped up Tony’s ark perfectly, leading to the sad moment of his death.

What follows this huge battle was a series of closure scenes – similar to Lord of the Rings, with multiple different endings, but it is needed and handled incredibly well. Tony Stark’s funeral was a tear-jerker, showing pretty much every hero we have so far in the MCU. Thor’s closure has gotten me excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as it seems he will be travelling with them now and Captain America finally got to dance with Peggy and spend his life with her, which was the perfect way to end the movie.

It’s an end to a saga, these movies are what I always wanted as a child, sure, not every single movie was a great film, but in my opinion this is the best film series ever made and what the Russo brothers and Kevin Feige managed to pull off with such a large cast is nothing short of astonishing. I look forward to what the MCU brings next. Keep a look out for my new ranking of all the MCU films up to Endgame, once I have seen it at least one more time. Thanks for reading!


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