Mortal Kombat 11 hit our shelves this Tuesday and I have already played it to death. This might just become my favourite MK game ever. Let’s dive in and see what I thought about the new Mortal Kombat.

The Story

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Let’s start off with the story, as this is my favourite thing about Mortal Kombat and always has been. Can I just say this story is a Mortal Kombat fan’s dream, every character is done justice here, no jobbers and my boy Baraka finally got treated with the respect that he deserves. The short side of the story is a new God called Kronika (who is the mother to Shinnok and another new character called Centurion) is unhappy how Raiden has tampered with fate and wants to restart time.

The story is excellent, easily the best Mortal Kombat story ever (which is a hard thing to say) the fight choreography is spectacular, the voice acting is great and the soundtrack makes it feel like an epic blockbuster movie. In fact, the whole time playing it reminded me of Infinity War, with all our favourite characters teaming up to fight a one big bad who wants to change every realm drastically. The story unfolds from there and feels like a brilliant popcorn action type movie.

Single Player Kontent

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Okay, so the story is amazing, what about the rest of the single player activities? Well, there’s a ton, first, you have the Klassic Towers, then the excellent customization feature which is a far better version than Injustice 2’s customization mode. The last two sections are where many critics have their complaints with, the first being the Towers of Time and The Krypt.

Towers of Time is similar to the Klassic Towers, except instead of unlocking your character’s ending, you unlock gear and consumables with randomized towers with different perks happening. For example, there are fights where blood bombs are dropping down and you have to dodge those while fighting Skarlett.  I understand the complaints about this mode, but to be honest, as I’ve gone on and learnt how they work, I don’t find them too difficult, nor do I think you get too little prizes for completion. People are just complaining about wanting everything straight away, I actually like grinding and it has been part of the MK formula since Deadly Alliance.

The second controversial single player content is the Krypt, which is a fan favourite mode usually. I’ve spent a little bit of time in this mode and it is exactly what I wanted. It is more like an adventure game, filled with easter eggs and puzzles. The controversial side of this mode comes from how many coins you get from gameplay vs how many you have to spend. As I said about the Towers of Time, I don’t have a problem with this, but it does feel a bit mobile game like, that you can just buy these things with real money and can make people with an addictive personality possibly spend a lot of money.

The Roster

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The roster in MK11 stands out as one of the best in the series. When I think of the best rosters I often think of MK2, MK Trilogy and MK9, as these games have all our favourite characters in. MK11 has a lot of these characters, the best of the newer ones and some awesome new characters too. MKX had a weird roster and it did hurt the game overall, with MK11 every character feels right for the game and the new characters are probably the best ones since MK3. The characters from MKX have also been expanded and are so much better than their previous counterparts.

Every character is designed excellently and there is an abundance of different ways to customize them. It’s a lot better than Injustice 2’s random gear, as these characters actually have a set amount of gear which all looks good! The only thing with the skins and gear, is I wish there were more classic skins, for example, it would be nice to have every skin the characters ever looked like since MK1, it would be very easy and would really please the fans. Sub-Zero’s Shredder look from Deception is in high demand and I really want to put Baraka in his MK2/Shaolin Monks look also.

A lot of people are complaining that it’s too hard to unlock their finishers or skins, but I disagree, I love the grind and if I don’t get to unlock loads of characters like the 3D days at least I have a ton to unlock for my characters now. As Netherealm has recently stated that currency will be given out better than on release too, I’m happy with it.

The Gameplay

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The fighting system in MK11 is the best. It’s gotten rid of those long combos from MKX for a favour of a more balanced game, which has introduced a lot of different technical ways to block. The finishing blows are way better than the X-Rays, X-Rays have been replaced with crushing blows which are cool and do loads of damage and there is a completely different meter for doing specials and types of defensive moves. Creating a completely different style of play for the game.

So, a lot has changed, but for the better! Netherealm helps you learn all of this with what I think is the best tutorial mode in a fighting game ever! There is a tutorial for everything! Even ones for every character, which we haven’t seen since MK Deadly Alliance!

Finally, the finishers in this game are easily the best there ever has been. Every Fatality is awesome and actually goes with the character’s personality. Brutalities are back and are better than ever and finally, Mercy finishers have come back too. In MK3 these were for Animalities, whereas these Mercy finishers seem to allow you to do special Brutalities for example Kitana’s classic kiss Fatality can be performed as a Brutality. Quite honestly MK11 blows all of Netherealm’s other games out the window and is fun to play, every time.

Graphics and Sound

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Needless to say, the graphics are astonishing! This is one of the best looking games I’ve ever played and it’s on the Unreal 3 engine, which is just ridiculous. You can see every different type of material in the costumes, the Fatalities are gorier than ever, being able to see every bloody detail and the facial animations are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

The stages are all stunning and have a tremendous amount of detail in them. I am still to figure out if there are any stage fatalities, but even if there isn’t, every stage has a lot of character and tells a story and looks amazing while doing so.

The sound is also a huge improvement over MKX’s. I still think that MK2 and MK Deception have the best soundtrack, but the game has some great music regardless. The sound effects on the other hand are the best ever, you hear every bone break, every blood splatter that there is and it makes you wince everytime you are killing your opponent.


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Overall MK11 has the potential to go down as my favourite MK game ever. With the amazing story, brilliant gameplay and a ton of unlockables, it definitely has a strong case. The microtransactions and mobile game like currencies do deter me a little at the moment though. If Netherealm stick to their words and fix this, I truly think that in a year or two, that this could be my favourite, finally topping Mk9. But we will have to wait and see.


The Good:

Best story

Amazing graphics

Best gameplay of the series

Beautiful stages

Cool new characters

The gear system is cool

Cool krypt

Great Tutorial

The Bad:

Feels a bit mobile gamey due to all the currencies

Wish there were more klassic skins

SCORE: 9.5/10


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  1. Really, which simp at NRS paid you to type this contrived and forced crap?

    This article is fishy. Definitely not right.


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