Mortal Kombat Fan Comic


With only one day to go for MK11 to come out, I have created a prologue to a fan comic I would love to continue with; re-telling the events of all the MK games up to Deception. It is my dream to one day make a Mortal Kombat comic or movie series and hopefully, you can see my passion through this project here. Please bear in mind that I normally just write comics, but this is more of a concept with my own art style behind it. Let me know what you think and enjoy!


Prologue 1: The Great Kung Lao







All right belong to Warner Brothers Studio and Netherealm studios. This is a fan based comic.

2 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat Fan Comic

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  1. This is really good! You clearly have talent and I can clearly see your passion and how much you want this dream! You could work at Malibu or some other place where they make comics or maybe get a degree in both art and video game designing so you can work at NRS and possibly have some influence in the game and even do storyboards or do character designs! The options are endless! Just keep trying and don’t give up on your dream! This is amazing and I can tell you want it, so do everything in your power to earn it! I loved seeing your art and I’m rooting for you! Good luck! I hope you will work hard and accomplish your dream! (Best way to do that is most likely to work at NRS).

    Sincerely, from your friend,

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