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This is the hardest list I’ve ever made in my life. I absolutely love movies, I always know what my top 5 are, after that though, my favourites chop and change daily. Today I decided to really breakdown what my top 20 are (top 30 if you include the honourable mentions). Looking at this list you’ll probably notice five things:

  1. I love violent Sci-Fi movies
  2. I love crime movies
  3. I love horror movies
  4. I love Arnold Schwazenneger
  5. And, I love Quentin Tarantino.

As with all art, this is a very subjective list and if you asked me again, my bottom 15 would probably change order or completely change. As for today, these are my top 20 films of all time, first, here are my ten honourable mentions:


Django Unchained

Batman (1989)

Chasing Amy

American Psycho

Battle Royale


Ghost in the Shell

Spirited Away

Reservoir Dogs

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Any other day, any of those films could be in my top 20 instead, but today they are my honourable mentions. Now, let’s talk about:



Image result for avengers infinity war

My newest movie on the list; Avengers: Infinity War is something never before done in cinematic history and that is why it is my number 20. Never has there been over 20 movies leading up to a single movie, with a gigantic cast and with all hype around it, Infinity War lived up to every single bit of it. To me, this is what watching Star Wars must have been like back in 1977. I left the cinema and for the first time in years could not stop thinking about the movie. I’ve seen the movie five times now and I still absolutely love it! The reason it’s not higher on the list is that it is new and I haven’t seen it as much as any of these other movies, nor have I seen how it holds up in a decades time or more.


Image result for princess mononoke

I was stuck between choosing this, Akira, Spirited Away or Ghost in the Shell, I decided on this movie as it was my first anime movie I had ever seen and is still the most beautiful in my opinion. The story still resonates with today’s audience, the animation top quality and every time I watch Princess Mononoke I fall in love with it all over again.


Related image

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Mars, is there anything else I need to say? Total Recall is a blast of a movie, you can watch it as a fun action film, or you can look into it on a deeper level. Arnold may not be the best actor ever, but he knew how to choose films for his acting style and this is one of his best. I still haven’t seen the remake and probably never will, as the original still has some great effects and is a ton of fun to watch.

NUMBER 17: THE RAID (2011)

Image result for the raid

 The Raid is a revolutionary movie, before this movie I can’t say I had ever seen such realistic fight scenes, violence and it had tension comparable to horror movies. If it wasn’t for this movie I really believe we would not have had such good fight scenes in Daredevil or The Punisher, as you can tell their choreography is very similar. We also would have never had The Night Comes for Us, the amazing action movie from last year, which I reviewed here: The Night Comes For Us Review. I was debating to put The Raid or The Raid 2 here, but for how inspirational the first movie is I’ve chosen that, even if the story is arguably better in the sequel.


Image result for predator 1987

Another Arnold film (I did warn you), Predator is a perfect action movie. The first time watching this movie I didn’t really know what it was about and the fact the first half starts off as a normal action movie is brilliant, it shows how badass our protagonists are, only to then show how much stronger the Predator is. The film combines horror and action with a great pace throughout, never getting boring and the final fight scene between Dutch and Predator is super memorable. The effects and action are done well and most still stand up today, I can never watch this film too many times.


Image result for the wolf of wall street

Another newer movie; The Wolf of Wallstreet was an instant classic in my eyes. The moment it started I knew this would be one of my favourite films ever. Martin Scorsese brought his A game when crafting this film, with excellent monologues by Leonardo Dicaprio, who I still have no idea how he didn’t win an Oscar for this. It is also surprisingly hilarious, being one of the funniest films I’ve seen in recent memory, with one particular scene instantly being a comedy classic. If you somehow haven’t seen this film yet, I urge you to watch this, it is a long movie, but it keeps you entertained throughout.

NUMBER 14: ALIENS (1986)

Image result for aliens 1986

Predator combines action and horror very well, but not so good as Aliens. Aliens was a surprise sequel, being very different from the original, but still feeling like a natural progression with Ripley’s character. This movie expanded on the lore of the Xenomorphs hugely, with excellent directing by James Cameron in his prime, there’s a reason this is one of the only action or horror movies to break it into the Oscars, it is truly the closest to perfection you’ll ever get to in this movie genre.


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Another Arnie movie and directed by James Cameron like the last entry, The Terminator is one of those movies which has stayed with me since I was a kid. When I was little I remember always looking at our VHS of this, but my mum wouldn’t let me watch it until I was older, but I was always fascinated by the front cover of Arnold. I had grown up with Terminator 2 and was used to him being the good guy, so when I eventually got round to watching the first movie, I was so shocked that he was the bad guy! What a bad guy he was! The T-800 is one of the best villains ever created, more comparable to a slasher movie villain, the movie is actually scary, filled with tension. This was the perfect casting for Arnold and is why this is his most recognisable character.

NUMBER 12: OLDBOY (2003)

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What can I say about Oldboy which hasn’t already been said? If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not going to talk any spoilers, all I will say is it has a fantastically dark story, filled with twists, violence and excellent cinematography. Oldboy is definitely not for the faint-hearted, dealing with themes such as rape, incest and extreme gore, but if you can handle that, it contains one of the best fight scenes of all time and a very original story. Also please watch the South Korean original! Not the American remake! Thanks.

NUMBER 11: ALIEN (1979)

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If Aliens is the perfect action-horror movie, then this is the perfect sci-fi horror movie. Ridley Scott’s masterpiece: Alien is a classic and has resonated with fans for 40 years! It introduced us to one of my favourite film franchises, the best Alien species ever put to film and arguably the best female protagonist ever; Ellen Ripley. The editing for this movie is fantastic, building the tension throughout and not showing us the full creature until very late in the movie. Also, the chest burst scene is hands down one of the best movie scenes of all time.

NUMBER 10: SNATCH (2000)

Related image

Up there along with Pulp Fiction, Snatch is the most quotable movie of all time, at least in my opinion. Every line that comes out of each character’s mouth is instantly quotable. Snatch is filled to the brim with witty humour, amazing editing, a slick style and brilliant acting. Snatch is an all-time British classic, a definite must-see!


Image result for scream 1996

My favourite horror movie of all time, Scream is the definition of the 90s, which I’m very nostalgiac for and it is filled with wit and movie references. It is a horror fan’s perfect film, it breaks down horror movies of the time and inspired horror movies for years to come, whether you think that’s a good or bad thing is up to you. Scream will always be my favourite horror movie unless something somehow comes out that trumps it, which I never see happening.

NUMBER 8: EVIL DEAD 2 (1987)

Image result for evil dead 2 1987

Okay, okay Scream is my favourite horror movie, but this list is my favourite movies and as movies in general go, Evil Dead 2 is the perfect horror-comedy. It brought the over the top performances and gore which made the first one a classic and introduced a Looney Tunes-type humour to the plot. It set the tone for the third movie, the newer TV series and horror comedies for decades to come.


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There is always an arguement what the best action movie ever made is, well this is it! Terminator 2 brought the lore from the first movie added a minigun and a much bigger budget and crafted one of the best sequels ever made. Everything is bigger and better, Arnold shines in his most iconic role, the T-1000 is the perfect movie villain and the plot is also a smart Sci-Fi premise. If anyone wanted to get into Sci-Fi but wasn’t sure what film to watch first, Terminator 2 is that movie I would show. This is the perfect action movie, the perfect sci-fi movie and the ultimate Arnold movie.


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I love Edgar Wright, I love Simon Pegg, I love Nick Frost and this was the first thing I saw from them. Shaun of the Dead is my favourite comedy of all time, I have seen it more times than I can count and it is always brilliant. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost took their amazing humour from their TV show: Spaced and made a full-fledged movie with that humour and blended in a great zombie movie. Hot Fuzz is nearly as good as this film, but in my opinion, nothing showcases their brand of humour, amazing writing and Edgar Wright’s style better than Shaun of the Dead.


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Welcome to my top 5, these films I know will always be here, starting off is The Matrix. I still remember the first time seeing the movie, even though I was only 6 I knew this was something special. There’ a reason everyone was Matrix obsessed in the early 2000s, no one had ever seen effects to this degree at that time, blended with Hong-Kong style action, with anime influence in Western cinema. The plot was intelligent, the fight choreography was some of the best and the last hour of this movie is just amazing. The sequels were okay, but they didn’t capture what made the first one so brilliant. The plot was complex but it wasn’t in your face, it was told like an action movie, but you could look deeper if you wanted to, but the sequels were just a bit bloated with CGI and a heavy-handed plot. The Matrix is just plain awsome.


Image result for pulp fiction

When I first watched Pulp Fiction I was astounded by it’s brilliance. I re-watched it three times that day and several more times that week, just amazed at the style, the witty dialogue and crazy violence, which would later define Tarantino’s later films. Never had I watched such a tightly written script, with amazing performances by all the actors involved and the fact you could just watch dialogue and be entertained was very different and new. Many films have tried to capture the style of Pulp Fiction, but none did as well as Pulp Fiction.


Related image

What?! I prefer Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction?! Yes, yes I do. Kill Bill vol 1 is everything I want in a movie. Excellent choreography, a revenge plot, ultra-violence and Tarantino’s brand of style. The final fight with the Crazy 88 is my favourite fight scene ever, it feels like you are watching a Hong-Kong action movie, but with Tarantino’s directing adding that extra quality. The film also had a fantastic soundtrack, which I can remember most songs from the top of my head. Although Kill Bill vol 2, in my opinion, is nowhere near as good as Vol1, it’s purely because I prefer the Japanese style of the first one vs the Western style of the second. Although watching them both together is one of my most enjoyable movie experiences.


Related image

In my opinion, Tarantino’s style was very influenced by Goodfellas, the intelligent witty dialogue, stylish editing, crazy violence and the amazing soundtrack, if it wasn’t for this movie most of our favourite gangster movies probably wouldn’t have been made. Every actor puts their best into their roles, Scorsese was on his A-game and he gave us the best film made in decades. Casino and Wolf of Wallstreet were very close at capturing Goodfellas’ excellence, but it will always be the best. This being said there is still one movie which trumps it and will always be my favourite movie of all time…


Image result for the godfather

Is there any argument? A lot of people say Citizen Kane or Shawshank Redemption are both better, or even Godfather 2, but there’s no competition, in my opinion, The Godfather is the best movie ever made! In the 100+ years that film has been around, no film was crafted to perfection like The Godfather. Every actor gives their best performance of their life, Francis Ford Copolla made his best film of his life, The Godfather is untouchable. The Godfather has the best cinematography, best soundtrack, best performances and best pacing any film has ever had. Yes, I watch Terminator 2 or Kill Bill much more often, as they are fun and great movies, but when we are talking about the actual craft of making a movie, what is the actual best film and has meant the most to me my whole life; The Godfather is that movie.

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After much difficulty, that is my 20 favourite movies ever. Thanks for reading! Check out my other posts and comment on what your favourites are.

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