Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

The Perfect Resident Evil Experience

If you saw my post: Is Resident Evil 2 Remake the best Resident Evil game? you’ll know I absolutely love the Resident Evil 2 Remake, so I thought it only right to do a review on the game. I know I’m a month late, but I want to put my thoughts and opinions out there.

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Wow, just wow, can we all just spare a second and clap our hands together for Capcom, they have finally perfected the Resident Evil formula, well done! Resident Evil 2 Remake was one of my most hyped games of 2019 and it lived up to my expectations in spades. I want to talk in depth about this game so this review will be broken up into sections, first up is:

The new Resident Evil experience

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Two years ago Capcom brought us Resident Evil 7, a brilliant return to form for the series. They brought back the save points, the difficulty, the scares, the puzzles all within a new first-person view. Fans like myself loved the game, it had flaws sure, but it felt like the classic RE games, but brand new at the same time. With RE7 doing so well, we were hyped for what they would bring to RE2, we saw that the gameplay was going to be more similar to RE4,5 and 6, but with what they learnt from RE7 to blend RE2 into the perfect experience.

Firstly, this isn’t just a straight remake, they have mixed up the bosses and enemies, added and taken away items and where they are found and the game plays like a dream. It has the classic RE formula which is technically a giant escape room, full of puzzles and scary enemies and the goal is to survive and escape. As the series went on, the action took more of a focus, but this game definitely brings the horror back. I jumped multiple times while playing this game and had general stress and anxiety when playing, scared of what would be around the corner every time.

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About halfway through each playthrough, a Tyrant nicknamed Mr.X comes and brings a whole new way of playing the game. Just when you think you’ve cleared all the rooms and are safe, he can now follow you anywhere and is genuinely terrifying, a tip for any of you who haven’t played the game, don’t waste your ammo on him, just run. The boss fights were also very good, the best since RE4 in my opinion.

Lastly the new map is brilliant. In past RE games, we’ve seen rooms become green once you have picked up every item in that room, but in RE2 it actually highlights the items, the locked doors and what key opens which door. This really helps stop the player from becoming lost, but still doesn’t make the game too easy, like it is telling you where to go, it is just a helping hand.

The Graphics and Sound

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The Resident Evil series has always been famous for pushing the hardware to its limits when it comes to the graphics department and RE2 is no different. The graphics are stunning, every horrific monster looks as though it has come to life and the damage physics that you inflict onto the zombies is ridiculous. I have never played a game where every shot feels like you are hitting that enemy in that exact spot.

The lighting in the game is terrifyingly good, the rooms are nearly all darkly lit, with just your flashlight to help guide you. Nothing is scarier than when you can’t see in the far darkness, but then as you walk closer you see an enemy in your flashlight beam and it starts running at you.

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The sound in the game, like all the games in the series, is top quality. Every enemy is terrifying to hear and you can hear the impact of every gunshot and explosion. The sound of heads exploding is very satisfying also. The voice acting is good, nothing Oscar worthy, but far better than most of the RE games and better written.

The soundtrack this time around is very subtle, but I must admit I missed the old RE2 music. You can download the old music as DLC, but I think this should have been an unlockable or free, although I can’t complain too much though because this game has A LOT of content, which brings us onto my next part.


Like most RE games this game thankfully has a lot of unlockables thankfully, in our modern time of gaming, most games are bare boned and you need to buy loads of DLC to experience anything additional. Firstly you need to complete the game technically twice once as Leon and once as Claire to get the full ending, luckily bringing the A and B scenarios from the original RE2. This means to experience everything the story mode has to offer, you need to at least complete it four times, twice per character. Then there is hardcore mode which makes the game harder and limits your saves to ink ribbons like the original three games. So story mode has a lot of reasons to replay it.

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There are unlockables for doing specific tasks in story mode such as not using an item box, limiting your saves and speed running the story mode; unlocking things such as infinite ammo, etc. Once you have done everything you want to in the story, you unlock other game modes. 4th survivor has you play as an army soldier called Hunk and you need to survive as him, on a linear path with limited items. Tofu mode also makes a grand return once you meet certain criteria also.

Capcom has also released three free modes as DLC recently and the original PS1 models as costumes for Claire and Leon. Overall although one playthrough will only be around 6-10 hours, the game is going to last you a LOOOOONG time before you are done with it.

The Good:

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Amazing Graphics

Brings back the scares

Lots and lots of content

Arguably best gameplay of the series

Feels like a modern take of classic RE

Pretty much everything is good about this game!

The Bad:

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Zombies are bullet sponges

Some inconsistencies in the story when you play campaign two.Would have been nice to see puzzles already completed by the first character, etc.

SCORE: 9.8/10

The Future of the series

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Overall Resident Evil 2 is my favourite Resident Evil since 4, which is saying a lot because I really liked RE5 (I know not a common opinion) and I loved RE7. RE2 brought the best from every game in the series and has me so excited for what the series is to bring. There are lots of rumours going around that RE3 Nemesis is being remade and that RE8 is also in development. Personally, I’d love RE3 to play like RE2’s remake and RE8 to be in the first person again, as I really liked the gameplay in RE7. RE2 will definitely rank very high on my favourite RE games, to check out my list I did a little while ago click here: Resident Evil Games Ranked.

RE2 also has me very hyped for DMC5 even more than I was, as it is using the same graphics engine and if Capcom is putting in as much effort into DMC5, then it has the potential to be my favourite DMC game. Well done Capcom, keep it up! What did you all think? Let me know and thanks for reading!

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