Mortal Kombat has the best cast of characters in any fighting game, or even video game in my opinion (I am very biased). Today I will be counting down my top ten characters. First, let’s list some honourable mentions:



Johnny Cage



Without further ado let’s start the top ten list:

Number 10: Quan Chi

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Arguably the best 3D era character out of them all, Quan Chi fit the story of MK perfectly. He looks menacing, is complete evil and they wrote in that he was the reason for Scorpion’s death as well as his family and clan. The game where Quan Chi really came to shine was MK Deadly Alliance, where he and Shang Tsung teamed up to take over the realms. He was central to the fantastic story and the beginning fight scene between him, Shang Tsung and Raiden in MK Deception is beyond awesome!

Number 9: Sub-Zero

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Sub-Zero is normally in the top two of everyone’s lists. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Sub-Zero (Kuai Lang version), he is one of the most powerful characters in the series and the face of MK, along with Scorpion. Sub-Zero has an amazing backstory which has only gotten better with every sequel. The original Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) killed Scorpion, only to then be killed by a resurrected Scorpion and become Noob Saibot. Then Kuai Lang took over the mantle and made the Lin Kui what they never were; good people. His move-set is one of the best, his fatality is the most iconic of the series, overall just a really cool character (no pun intended).

Number 8: Shang Tsung

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The OG boss introduced all the way back in MK1 has remained relevant throughout the series. My favourite incarnation of him was in MK2 and MK Shaolin Monks, but he has been great in every game that he has been in. Shang Tsung held the mantle as Mortal Kombat champion for Outworld but lost it in a fight with The Great Kung Lao. He later returned with his champion Goro winning the tournament nine times in a row with him, until Liu Kang finally beat them. His story developed in every game, with one thing, always being consistent, he is an evil son of a b****. Shang Tsung is easily one of the most powerful beings in the MK world and it was such a shame when he was killed off in MK9! I’m really hoping that he comes back in MK11, there’s been a ton of rumours, so let’s hope they are true!

Number 7: Kitana

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Kitana, the daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel, brought up thinking that Shao Kahn was her father, only to find out he wasn’t and that he killed her father and drove her mother to suicide, she has had a horrific past. Her story has only developed further throughout the series, but it’s not just her story which is intriguing, it’s her gameplay. Her signature fans are almost as iconic as Scorpion’s spear and she has been a fan favourite ever since she was introduced in MK2.

Number 6: Shao Kahn

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The big bad of the series; Shao Kahn is a force to be reckoned with. His power is almost unmatched, with very few who can stand their own against him and even fewer who can beat him. Shao Kahn is the Emporer of emperors and was sorely missed in MKX, I liked Kotal Kahn but he was no Shao Kahn. He has one goal, conquer all realms, but no matter how close he comes to conquering Earthrealm, Liu Kang always beat him, until Liu Kang was killed by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. He then won the battle of Armageddon, leading to Raiden warning his past self to allow Shao Kahn to win. The last we saw of him, it looked like he was killed by the Elder Gods so we will see what he is up to in MK11 very soon. His catchphrases are absolutely brilliant, lines such as: “it’s official, you suck”, “bow to me” and “you weak pathetic fool” has you laughing as well as crying while he beats you to a pulp.

Number 5: Kintaro

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My favourite sub-boss of the series, I think because MK2 was my first MK. He hasn’t got the greatest of stories, but I loved his design so much as a child and he’s always remained among my favourites. I played him a lot in Mk Trilogy and Armageddon and I hope that one day he will be playable again. Most prefer Goro, but to me; Kintaro is the coolest.

Number 4: Reptile

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Before Reptile’s character was ruined in MK9 and MKX, he was a force to be reckoned with and was the first secret fighter ever in a fighting game. I have loved Reptile in every game since, as his move-set for me, is incredibly fun and I’ve always been a fan of his design. I much prefer the human looking Reptile, but the newer incarnations aren’t too bad. What is bad about the character is that they have made him weak, someone who is the first to always get beaten up along with Baraka. I hope they show his true potential soon, as he is definitely my favourite ninja after the number three slot.

Number 3: Scorpion

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Scorpion is the poster boy for the series and for good reason. He has the most famous move of the series; the spear, with his famous words “Get over here!” being a staple in the series. As the series has gone on, his move-sets have been incredible, being able to create a lot of great combos with little effort. Scorpion also has the best back story of the series, being killed by the original Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) and thinking that he also killed his family and clan, he is out for revenge. There’s a reason why everyone loves this character and these reasons are just a small amount of these reasons.

Number 2: Kung Lao

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The coolest Shaolin Monk I know; Kung Lao is a badass. Since his inception in MK2, his razor-sharp hat is the definition of cool. He may always be second to Liu Kang in the story mode, but his gameplay says otherwise. He has always had a fantastic arsenal of combos, especially in MK9 and MKX and his brutalities and fatalities are among the most brutal! Plus in MK Shaolin Monks he was my favourite to play as and I cannot wait to play as him in MK11.

Number 1: Baraka

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If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, then you’ll already know Baraka is my favourite MK character. Let me take you back to when I was extremely little and the first game I ever played was MK2 on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis for you Americans). As soon as that character select screen came up and I saw Baraka’s ugly mug, I knew he was the character for me. I was obsessed with scary things at a young age and that was the reason why he was my favourite, plus he had blades that came out of his wrists! Then when MK Deception came out and they added a lot more lore to his story, that he was in charge of a race called the Tarkatans and we got to meet them all in Outworld in Konquest mode, that was it, he would be my favourite forever. I’m so excited that he’s back in MK11 and by the looks of things they haven’t ruined his story like they had for him and Reptile in MK9 and MKX.

Image result for mk characters dancing

Image result for mk characters dancingImage result for mk characters dancing


There we have it, my favourite MK characters of all time. You might have noticed 9 out of 10 of them were playable characters in MK2, probably not a coincidence, but they are easily the best characters in my opinion. What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments! Follow my blog for loads more Mortal Kombat posts and news!


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