Mysterio a good guy?!

So, Spider-Man Far From Home’s trailer just dropped, check it out!:

Overall a very interesting trailer! The humour seems typical Marvel humour, none of it made me laugh out loud, but made me giggle. Apart from that, this trailer is very good! Spider-Man’s costumes are so nice! Particularly his black one here:

Image result for spider-man far from home

Jake Gyllenhaal also stands out as Mysterio. Mysterio is one of my favourite Spider-Man villains, but in a twist this trailer makes Mysterio look like a hero. There were plenty of teasers hinting at Sandman, Electro and Hydro-Man. Upon re-watching the trailer though, I believe all these things are effects by Mysterio to pretend that he is a hero.

There’s also Nick Fury! Whom I’m so happy is in this movie as it reminds me of the 90s animated Spider-Man series when he always used to interact with Shield.

Could there be another villain as well as Mysterio? Maybe. We will have to see, the trailer didn’t show much, but it has made me very excited for this movie and we will have to wait until the summer to see how good it will be. Follow my blog for more posts like this and thank you for reading!

Image result for spider-man vs mysterio


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