Loot Fright December Crate Review

A Loot Crate which arrived on time!

I could not believe that the crate actually arrived on time! I loved the last Loot Fright and thought it was actually better than the Loot Crate DX that I last received, what do I think with this months theme? Let’s have a look:

Again, this is a great crate! The HP Lovecraft t-shirt is very cool and has some really good art printed on it.

I absolutely love the Krampus plate and cookie cutters and will be using these on Christmas Eve! Krampus is one of my favourite Christmas films in the last decade, it could have been better, but was still a really creative and fun Christmas horror flick! Which is why I really like these two items.

The other items are also really different in a good way. We have a bookmark of Mari Lwyd, an ancient Welsh folklore which features a skull of a deer’s head. The pin is also the Look-See creature from Crypt TV which is a nice addition.

Overall this crate has really impressed me and might influence me to keep getting Loot Fright even though I just wanted the Halloween and Christmas additions. I really do recommend these crates for the value and so far the items have been fantastic!

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