Loot Crate DX October 2018 Crate Review

It only arrived two months late

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last Loot Crate DX, thinking it wasn’t worth nearly £60, so what do I think of this crate? Let’s have a look inside it…

Let’s forget it’s two months late, no point in complaining about that. Upon opening the box the IT t-shirt caught my eye instantly. It’s a very nice t-shirt and is a nice addition to t-shirts I wear round the house.

The Edward Scissorhands statue is also very nice! I do prefer realistic statues or figures, but I don’t mind this one as it is nicely detailed and I love Edward Scissorhands.


The Evil Dead 2 keyring set is very cool! Absolutely love it and attached that onto my keys instantly.

The last two pieces I’m not as fussed about: The Mummy scarf is okay, don’t really wear scarfs and definitely wouldn’t wear one like that outside the house. The Dark Souls 2 pin is just weird. Why give us a pin about a game that’s over four years old? Dark Souls 2 is also the least favourite for most fans in the Dark Souls trilogy.

Overall a decent crate, worth the money? Probably, but for now, I’m not going to get another Loot Crate DX, until there’s a theme that I really like.

Image result for edward scissorhands gif

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