Predicted Character Roster for Mortal Kombat 11

Are these characters going to be in MK11?

Something I have always done since Mortal Kombat Deception is guess who will be in the next Mortal Kombat. With the recent announcement of the new one coming in just under five months, I thought it was only right that we guess who will be in it. The new character that was shown in the trailer is not on this list, as I don’t know their name or who they are, this is a list of returning characters only.

Characters I definitely think will be in it

This first part is the characters that I’m very certain will be in the next game. It’s very unlikely that they won’t be because I think they are important for the story or they are fan favourites.

Liu Kang

Image result for revenant liu kang

Judging from the end of MKX Liu Kang seems as though he’s going to be one of the main villains, so he is most likely going to be in the game.


Image result for revenant kitanaAs the Queen of the Netherealm with Liu Kang, Kitana is most likely going to be one of the main villains also, so it only makes sense for her to be in the game.


Image result for dark raiden

At the end of MKX Raiden became corrupted and now will no longer allow any threats to Earthrealm. He may be a villain or an anti-hero in MK11, either way, he has already been shown to be in the game.


Image result for reptile mortal kombat

Reptile may not be very important to the story or plot (unless they make him the vessel for Onaga again), but he is incredibly popular as a playable character, so there is no way he won’t be in the game.


Image result for scorpion mortal kombat

Nothing to really say, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are the faces of Mortal Kombat; he has already been shown in the game. The only time he wasn’t was MK3 which they realised was a huge mistake before adding him back in UMK3.


Image result for sub zero

As I said about Scorpion, Sub-Zero is the face of Mortal Kombat, of course, he will be in this game; in fact, he is the only character in the series to be in every single game.

Cassie cage

Image result for cassie cage

Arguably being the main character in MKX’s story, Cassie will definitely return and will probably be the replacement for Sonya in this game.


Related image

Takeda was a fan favourite from MKX’s new cast. He has a great fighting style and special moves and an interesting backstory. He should definitely return in the next game.

Kotal Kahn

Image result for kotal kahn

Kotal Kahn is the current ruler of Outworld and there are a lot of rumours that there is going to be a war between him and Raiden in the next game. He had one of the more interesting character designs in the last game.

Kung Lao

Image result for kung lao revenant

Similar to Reptile, I don’t think that Kung Lao will be integral to the plot, but he is a fan favourite to play as, so that makes me think he will be a playable character.

Jacquie Briggs

Image result for Jacqui Briggs

Although she may not have been the most popular of the new cast in MKX, she can still have character development in the next game and it’s clear the developers want the young ones to take over.

Kung jin

Image result for kung jin

Kung Jin was my least favourite of the new characters in MKX, but similar to Jacquie Briggs, I believe they can delve deeper into his character and start making him a fan favourite.

Shao Kahn


I did not originally think that Shao Kahn would be in this game, but he has been announced as a PRE-ORDER character, so he is obviously going to be in the cast. I don’t think he will be part of the story though; as Goro and Darkseid, both being the last PRE-ORDER characters had no involvement in MKX or Injustice 2.

Characters who potentially could be.

This second part is characters that I believe will probably be in it, but I’m not certain. Due to the fact they are missing in the current story, or are not in many games. The reason I think they could be in the game is that they are fan favourites or because they are the main characters of the 3D era story which a lot of people think MK11 will retell.

Bo Rai Cho

Image result for bo rai cho

Being one of the more popular 3D era MK characters, Bo Rai Cho was very high demand for MKX. When he was put into the game he went down well with fans. I believe that this could mean he will be in MK11.


Image result for kenshi

He’s a fan favourite and has been in every Mortal Kombat game since his introduction in Deadly Alliance, minus MK vs. DC (but I don’t really count that). Just judging from that makes me think he could be in the game.

Li Mei

Image result for li mei

Li Mei, on the other hand, is not really a fan favourite. It has been over a decade since she has been playable in an MK game. The reason I think she could potentially come back into the series is that I believe the Dragon King story may be retold and she was a big part of that plot in the original timeline.


Related image

There have been many ladder endings eluding to Jade coming back. Rumours are flying around that the mysterious woman in these endings is the new character in the trailer, meaning this could be true. Hopefully meaning Jade should be coming back.

Noob Saibot

Image result for noob saibot

Having one of the best backstories along with Scorpion in the series, Noob Saibot has to come back. The last time we saw him he was supposedly killed in the Soulnado, but there are rumours that he could become the new elder God champion instead of Scorpion in this timeline. It is an interesting theory, but as long as we get him playable I will be happy.


Image result for smoke mortal kombat

Smoke has been an interesting character since his conception, but in MK9 we finally got more depth to the character and he was one of the favourites in the game. He is a revenant at the moment, but hopefully, there will be a way he will be playable in the next MK.

Erron Black

Image result for erron black

Erron Black had such a cool design in MKX but did not get a lot of depth added to his character. He may return though to expand on his story. He also has a unique fighting style compared to most of the characters.

Sektor or Cyrax

Image result for cyrax and sektor

I don’t think either of these will be in the game, but if they are only one probably will make it. Sektor to me would be more interesting as he has been in fewer games, but Cyrax is more the favourite. We could always have Triborg back, but that really depends on if the variation system is coming back or not.


Image result for frost mortal kombat

Frost had a lot of potential in Mk Deadly Alliance and she has made several cameos in other games. She just hasn’t been explored to the fullest yet. It would be great if we got her back, as I’ve been wanting some of the 3D era characters back, she was definitely one of the best.

Shang Tsung

Image result for shang tsung

I know, I know, Shang Tsung died in Mk 2011. But, I think there is a big chance he could come back, there were a couple endings in MKX hinting of his return and along with Shao Kahn, he definitely is one of the best villains in the series. Let’s hope they bring him back.

Characters I want, but probably won’t be in the game.

These last few characters are characters that I personally want in the game, but there’s very little chance that they will be. I’m holding onto hope for these guys, as I think they deserve to be in the game.


Image result for fujin mortal kombat

Fujin the God of wind. It is incredibly strange how he has only ever been in MK4 and Armageddon when he is such a popular character. With his brief appearance in MKX’s story, everyone thought he would be DLC; but he wasn’t. Judging from how he’s hardly been in any games he probably won’t be in MK11. I will keep pushing for him to be in the game though, until one day he returns.


Image result for drahmin mortal kombat

When I played Deadly Alliance sixteen years ago his design was so interesting to me. There was no other MK character like him and he fit right into the franchise. It’s a shame that they never used him too much, but with this new timeline, let’s hope they may give him another chance.


Image result for havik mortal kombat

It’s incredibly shocking that Havik hasn’t made come back yet. He is definitely one of the best 3D era characters and deserves a return. He played a huge part in the Mortal Kombat comics, so let’s see if he will in the next game.


Image result for hotaru mortal kombat

Another 3D era character who deserves to have more depth added to him and needs another chance. He probably won’t be in the game though.


Image result for shujinko mortal kombat

Shujinko was the main character of Mortal Kombat Deception and we followed his life journey, then suddenly he was dropped. I don’t need him as the main character, but it would be nice to have him playable again and to be in the story mode of MK11.


Image result for baraka mortal kombat

My favourite Mortal Kombat character! He was unfairly killed off in the last game and not even playable! This affected how much I liked MKX, as his death left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t care how they bring him back, they did it in MK Gold, just please bring him back for me!


Related image

I don’t know why but since MK4, I’ve always loved Reiko. Probably his cool design, I’m not sure. Similar to Havik and the other 3D era characters he needs to make a return.


Image result for taven mortal kombat

Taven was the main character in MK Armageddon and was a pretty good one. There have been a couple of ladder endings in MKX eluding to his return, hopefully, they will be canon.


Image result for daegon mortal kombat

You can’t have Taven without Daegon, as their plots go together. So if Taven or Daegon do end up being in MK11, then they will both need to feature.

Those are my character predictions for MK11. Interesting fact, I actually created this post back in May, expecting MK11 to be announced in the summer. Then waited until it was announced and just amended about Shao Kahn, Scorpion and Raiden being announced. There are going to be plenty of Mortal Kombat posts in the coming weeks/months as well as other posts around other video games next year. Follow my blog to see more! Thanks for reading!

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