Loot Fright October 2018 Review/Spoilers

Terrifyingly Good Loot!

Just when I thought I was done writing horror related posts, my Loot Fright finally came! It was supposed to come early October, but in usual Loot Crate fashion, it came late! Loot Fright is a brand new bi-monthly crate by Loot Crate. Let’s have a look in the first-ever Loot Fright!:

The design of the crate is your typical design for a Loot Crate.


Upon opening the crate, I was immediately excited! A Trick’r’Treat t-shirt and something Evil Dead 2 is visible as soon as you open it.

Wow! This crate is genuinely the best Loot Crate I’ve had in a very long time! The items were as follows:

  • Trick’r’Treat t-shirt
  • Night of the Living Dead pillow case
  • Evil Dead 2 SuperEmoScenes
  • Nightbreed graphic novel
  • Night of the Living Dead card
  • The Mummy badge

The t-shirt was my favourite, but every item in this crate is great! I’m so happy with this, for £28 this is excellent value, far better than the DX crate I opened a few weeks ago. I’m very excited about the next Loot Fright Crate and I’m hoping the next DX crate is going to be as good or better! Well done Loot Crate!

Thanks for reading, for more posts like this – follow The 12th-Dimension!

Image result for night of the living dead gif

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