I’m sure by now you have all at least seen the new Spider-Man game for the PS4, those of you who have played it can all agree it is spectacular! It is hands down the best Spidey game I have ever played and I can’t get enough. With the confirmed season pass and obvious DLC costumes coming, today I wanted to list the top 10 costumes that need to be added as DLC in Marvel’s Spider-Man!


Probably the strangest costume on the list, Prodigy was a persona of Peter’s during the Identity Crisis arc. It was an arc I am nostalgic for and the suit appeared in Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro. It would be a good call back to the past game and something different.

9. Kaine Spider-Man

Worn by Kaine Parker, he is the evil clone of Peter. This costume is his 2011 reimagining and is a cool suit to be able to wear while swinging through NYC.

8. Spider-armour (silver one)

We have a bunch of Spider Armours in the game, but I want the original. This appeared in the Spider-Man 2000 game and would be a nostalgic throwback to that amazing game.

7. Ultimate Spider-Man

The suit may seem quite similar to the classic Spider-Man suit, but the more slender body and big eyes differentiate from the classic. Ultimate Spider-Man deserves a spot in the game for being one of the best runs for the wall-crawler.

6. Zombie Spider-Man

This one may be a little dark, but it would be a really cool costume to have in the game. Marvel Zombies is one of the darkest and weirdest stories I have ever read from Marvel and it would be a funny experience playing as this messed up version of Spidey.

5. Sam Raimi trilogy Spider-man

When I was growing up, this and the animated series of Spidey were the two most iconic looks. The costume should be in the game for its iconic look and also because Spider-Man 2 the game held the status as “best Spider-Man game ever” until this new one came out.

4. Miles Morales

The millions of fans that Miles Morales has, it would be a shock not to have his costume in the game. I’m very sure this one will be DLC though, as it is a huge fan favourite.

3. Spider-carnage

One redeeming thing about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is you could unlock the Spider-Carnage costume. This time period in Spider-Man’s life was when I first started reading his comics and this costume is heavily nostalgic for me and would be a fun costume to play in.

2. Ben Reily Spider-Man

We already have Ben Reilly’s iconic Scarlet Spider costume, but I’ve always loved this one a little more. Again, this is the period that I was reading Spider-Man and this costume was so cool to me. It would be a great fit for the game and I’m sure a lot of fans would be happy, as it is a fan favourite costume too.

1. Symbiote suit

The second most iconic Spider-Man suit after the classic, it is a huge surprise it is not in the current game. No doubt this will be DLC, meaning everyone will now buy the DLC (smart move Insomniac). If this suit somehow doesn’t make it to the final game, there will be questions!

You like my choices? Let me know in the comments what suits you would like to see! Like this post, if you liked it and follow my blog for more posts like this on The 12th-Dimension!

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