I want to talk about something different today. For those of you who have read my blog in the past, you know my posts are normally always about comics, movies, games, etc. But, I have other interests including rap music and one of my favourite artists of all time (not just rapper) is Kanye West.

He is one of the most influential people in society and has been for over a decade. He creates trends not just in music, but in fashion and his Yeezy shoe line has been a remarkable success. His accomplishments are not what we are going to talk about today though, today we are going to talk about his recent controversial interviews with TMZ and Charlamagne.Image result for kanye west

The line everyone and their grandmother has taken from these interviews is the “slavery was a choice” line, yes Kanye West said slavery was a choice… But, let’s think about what he was trying to say. You see, Kanye has an awful habit of changing subjects constantly and just saying statements, not explaining or actually bringing in solid points to back up his statements and this is where he has messed up in several interviews or public events in the past.

Read through the lines, see past his terribly worded statement; what he was actually saying is that we have all been mentally enslaved for years, which let’s all agree, we have. We aren’t forced to do anything, yet we are brought up as children to be taught that getting a job and being part of the system is the right thing to do. That the way the world is how it should be, we are mentally enslaved from birth and we enforce that on our children and our children’s children, without knowing because it’s so engraved in us. Kanye is trying to show this, but as he always does, he has worded it terribly and then wouldn’t explain it any further. Geniuses are very often socially awkward and Kanye West fits that description incredibly so.

Image result for kanye west south park

Next what I wanted to say, is why do we care so much about Kanye’s opinions? He’s a musician and fashion artist, why do we care what his political views are? Is he an important figure in politics? No! Is he suddenly going to make people think that slavery in the past was a choice? No.. Unless we suddenly stopped teaching history and just took everything he says as gospel.

I’m most likely going to do a post separately about this, but Childish Gambino’s video “This is America” sums up this whole de-buckle brilliantly, yet indirectly. We are so interested in things that don’t matter (Yeezy’s political standing, celebrity social media accounts, etc) that we are being distracted from the real problems in society.

Image result for kanye west angry

In summary, if you want to care about what Kanye has to say; we need to stop hearing the words and start listening to what Kanye is trying to say. Then if you don’t agree with him; cool, but that’s not what’s important right now, what’s important right now is that we are all alive and we need to try and make this world a better place, instead of getting so upset by what people say these days. Sorry for such a left field post, just had to talk about it guys.

Let me know if you want more posts like this, or about any of my other interests such as music and fashion in the comments below, please like and follow, thank you!

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