Three Everyday things that would get you killed in the world of ‘A Quiet Place’.

So, today I saw the thrilling movie A Quiet Place. The film was one of the tensest experiences I have ever had in the cinema, loving every minute of it. While watching the film though, I noticed a few things. There are a few things which we as humans, do on an everyday basis, that we can’t help and would definitely get us all killed by the strange creatures from the film. Here are some I thought of { VERY SLIGHT SPOILERS}…


Image result for farting and burping gif

Sometimes you think you’re just going to let off a really small one, and it ends up sounding like a base drop. And burps, they can just come out of nowhere. Throughout the movie, I was waiting for it to show how the characters stayed away from these everyday actions, but it didn’t. Maybe, burping and farting was the main reason that most of humanity was killed? Maybe, they just couldn’t hold it in.


Image result for snoring gif

Okay, okay. So you might say that we can try and hold our farts/burps in, but something I honestly don’t know how most will stop doing is snoring; mainly because you’re asleep! You don’t know if you’re making that noise or not. How did you stop snoring John Krasinski? Please explain!


Image result for sneeze gif

Everyone knows holding in a sneeze is near enough impossible and is actually quite bad for you. How the family in A Quiet Place went a full year and a half without making a single sneeze, amazed me. I would love to know how they do that, I don’t think I go a single day without sneezing.

Image result for hmm the office gif

All joking aside, I really loved this film and these were all just nitpicks. If you haven’t seen this film, go out and see it! If you liked this post, please like and follow and comment below, letting me know if you can think of anything else that we couldn’t help, that will just get us killed.

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