5 Times Batman went full on Looney

Any analysis of the Dark Knight would tell you that Batman’s psyche is definitely not sane. He has a tragic past and has had many a tragic event happen to him in his career as Batman. Many different writers have given their take on this immensely interesting character and have all given him different levels of sanity. Sometimes he is the straight man with some psychological defects, other times; he is full on psycho. These are five times Batman went full-on looney.

Batman Turns into a Murderous Vampire

Image result for batman crimson mist

In the Batman and the Dracula Trilogy, we have an absolutely insane Batman story, Batman hunts down vampires and then turns completely nuts himself. As you can see by this picture, he is definitely not his normal calm and collective self and there’s not much else to be said as to why this crazy Bats is on this list.

Batman Has A Backup Personality In His Mind In Case Someone Tries To Attack Him Mentally.

Related image

Back in 1958, Batman met Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, a Batman from a different planet. In 2006 Grant Morrison went back into Batman’s past and explained how a lot of the old stories actually happened. Then in true Grant Morrison fashion, he explained that if Batman’s mind ever got attacked he had a backup personality called Zur-En-Arrh, a reference to the classic 1958 story. Batman RIP is a very divisive story that personally I like a lot and it is one of the craziest Batman events in Batman’s past.

Batman Explodes Someone With Dynamite, Then Smiles.

Related image

Batman Returns is one of my favourite Batman movies, but we can’t pretend that Batman isn’t a little looney in this film. One scene, in particular, stands out, one of Penguin’s goons is fighting Batman. He grabs dynamite from the goon and puts it in the goon’s trousers and dementedly smiles at him. He then pushes the goon down a drain and seems to be very impressed with himself that he just killed someone by blowing them into pieces. Yup Batman kills, in fact, he’s been killing since one of his first ever stories.

Batman Hangs Someone From His Bat Plane And Breaks Their Neck.

Image result for batman hangs someone

Batman used to love killing folks in his original stories. He shot people with pistols, dodged the Joker’s knife and made him stab himself and in this twisted panel hung someone from his Bat Plane until the giant’s neck snapped. This pretty much confirms Batman is a complete psychopath.

Batman Slaughters The Bat Family.

Related image

In this most recent elseworld story by Scott Snyder, Batman literally goes insane from Joker’s venom and decides to kill the Bat Family in this The Dark Nights Metal spinoff The Batman who Laughs. He invites them all into the Batcave to try and get them to stop him, but before they do he pulls out two sub-machine guns and just slaughters all of them. In that same story, he then kills the Justice League, makes Superman kill Louis and his family with red kryptonite and has also helped bring every evil Batman ever and is completely wrecking the DC Universe right now. The finale comes soon and we all hope our heroes can win, but this Batman who Laughs and his horrible friends are definitely some of the most disturbing and twisted Batmen ever put to page or film.

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