There is no denying that The Joker is the most popular comic book villain of all time. He has been studied and analysed for years and many writers have tackled his deep character. His personality is always different depending on the writer, but there is one personality trait which is always the same, he is a very sick individual. In this list we’re going to count five times The Joker did some very disturbing stuff and probably gave Batman many nightmares.


5 Times Batman went full on Looney

Any analysis of the Dark Knight would tell you that Batman’s psyche is definitely not sane. He has a tragic past and has had many a tragic event happen to him in his career as Batman. Many different writers have given their take on this immensely interesting character and have all given him different levels of sanity. Sometimes he is the straight man with some psychological defects, other times; he is full on psycho. These are five times Batman went full-on looney.

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5 Times A Non-Horror Family Movie Scared Me Half To Death

If you read one of my older posts MY TOP 10 FAVOURITE HORROR FILMS OF ALL TIME you will probably know that I’m a horror junkie and it takes a lot for a movie or TV show to scare me. I grew up on these horror films, but as a kid, there were movies which were not in the genre of horror in the slightest, but still gave me nightmares. Here are five times a non-horror family movie scared me half to death.

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Why I Love Comics/ Graphic Novels/ Manga


Let’s start off with the fact that I want to be a comic book writer, so obviously I am going to be incredibly passionate about this subject. Ever since my first ever comic book Astonishing Spider-Man Issue 38, I have been in love with comics. The emotions and impact each individual panel can have are outstanding, there is no other art like it. To me, reading a comic is like watching a film, you fill in the parts between the panels, but you can do more than you can do in a film. There are no restrictions, you can do whatever you like. In this post, I am going to go into detail about why I love the art form of comics, graphic novels and manga; my history with them and what some of my favourites or recommended ones are.

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