Predictions and Theories of Avengers: Infinity War


Since Captain America: Civil War the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only been getting bigger and better. Last year we had 3 excellent films, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Then just this month, Black Panther was released in the cinema, and it can be easily ranked as one of the best Marvel movies ever.

All of this has been making me incredibly excited for Avengers: Infinity War. The movie looks like it has been worth the ten-year wait because we finally get to see Thanos in action. For years I have been predicting what could happen in this two-part movie series. With only two more months until it’s release the wait is finally almost over.

If you have been following my blog for a few months now, you’ll know that I am a massive comic book fan, with the Infinity Gauntlet story being a part of one of my most favourite comics. The story’s epicness is on another scale compared to most comic book stories and if the film is going to be anything like the book, it won’t just be a movie, but a memorable event.

I thought it would be fun to predict something and think of some theories, so let’s start. {SPOILERS} for past Marvel movies and potential spoilers for Infinity War. 

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Firstly, let’s talk about how the movie could start. I think that the beginning will carry on straight from the after-credits scene of Thor: Ragnarok. Thanos’ ship will arrive at Thor’s new ship and attack. Hulk will be thrown off the ship, causing him to crash-land in New York, Thor will be thrown onto the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship, and Loki will enter Thanos’ ship. Everyone else will most likely die. Then the big shock will be that, once Loki hands over the cosmic cube to Thanos, Thanos will kill him for failing in Avengers.

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The other big question for this film is, who will die? I believe it will be either Captain AmericaIron Man, or both. Captain America would die a martyr, a hero most likely saving someone in the process, and Iron Man could potentially sacrifice himself for Spider-Man. Another theory which would be closer to the Infinity Gauntlet story would be that Thanos kills all of them and that they need to reverse time in order to bring everyone back, by using the Infinity Gauntlet. I personally think that the latter would be a great idea to end the first part of this two-part movie series. Although, fans of the films (especially children) will most likely hate this, so this is very unlikely. This is why I predict that Captain America’s and/or Iron Man’s death will be more likely.

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A couple of other small theories floating about is that Hela will be Thanos’ love interest instead of Death, which I think would be a great addition to the movie, to give Thanos a good reason to do what he wants to do, rather than just because he’s evil. My favourite theory is that Spider-Man will get his symbiote costume in this film. Hopefully this happens because if it doesn’t, it will be very hard to explain how Venom came to be in the solo Venom movie coming late this year.

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There are most likely an infinite amount of theories for this film (no pun intended) because it’s hyped beyond belief. Let’s hope that Marvel’s expansion over the past ten years will accumulate into the spectacular movie that Infinity War looks to be. All I know is that, if this film is anything like its comic counterpart, then we are in for a treat, bring on April 27th (UK) and May 4th (USA)!

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