Quentin Tarantino’s movies ranked

If there was ever one particular person who made me fall in love with film, that person would be Quentin Tarantino. His passion for film oozes through every single one of his movies. You can tell that this director isn’t just a creator of film, but a fan. Although I have known of Tarantino since I was a kid,  I was never allowed to watch his extremely provocative movies, that was until my mum introduced me to one of her favourite movies, Reservoir Dogs. I had never seen such a stylish and cool movie in my life and from watching this, I knew I had to see more of his work. Since 14, Pulp Fiction has been one of my top 5 favourite filmsFrom then on,  I analysed all of his films and researched as much as I could. Ten years on, Tarantino remains my favourite movie director of all time.

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