The Unexpected Success of Devilman: Crybaby

My Stand on Anime


When people ask me; “am I an anime fan?” I struggle to find the most relevant answer. Berserk is among one of my favourite stories in any medium, not just anime and there are collections of manga and anime in my room. Dragonball Z was a humongous part of my childhood and I would claim that some of my favourite movies of all time are anime.

Despite this, the reason I struggle to answer this question is because out of the thousands of anime that exist, there are only a handful that I like. In other words, for me to like an anime, it has to be darned good. Stand out anime’s to me are: Death Note, Berserk, Dragonball series, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop and a few others.


On January 5th 2018 a brand new anime popped up on Netflix called Devilman: crybaby. Devilman is a semi-famous anime and manga, which was popular enough for me to have seen some of the old OVAs on Youtube (which are notorious for their mature content). When clicking on it, I did not expect to complete the whole series in a single day, and then research and read as much as I could of this anime because it was such an unexpected surprise.

Thoughts on Devilman: Crybaby



From the start of the show, I was hooked. The style was enthralling and relevant. The gang who performed the freestyles added a unique flair to the series. This gave a sense of character and what kind of world the series was set in.

This anime intriguingly broke down conventional story narrative. There was a sick sense of humour being portrayed and the series has an unrelenting and unforgiving story structure. Additionally, there was no holding back with the character’s stories, even if someone is a main character, they are not safe.

In the last few years, subject to any series, where main characters are killed or the narrative does not flow as one would expect, people will say: “it’s like Game of Thrones“. Game of Thrones is well known in this respect, however, anime, comics books and written media have been using this technique for years. Devilman: Crybaby is no exception. By maintaining an unpredictable and daring storyline (like to Game of Thrones), Devilman is able to keep us hooked all the way through. This sort of narrative would not work unless the audience are invested with the characters. In my opinion, the characters are extremely strong, comprising some of the best anime heroes and villains who have no definite alignment to good or evil. Rather, they are neutral. This definitely kept me on my toes.

Devilman: Crybaby has quickly become one of my favourite anime series of all time and I won’t go into spoilers because it is definitely worth a watch. If you have a Netflix account, you owe it to yourself to watch this fantastic anime.  Be warned though, the content is sexual and violent, but I feel as though this type of imagery is necessary for the story it is telling.


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