HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 2

Today marks the release for the second part  of HorseHead Case File 2. As it is Halloween themed it is a much darker episode, going into HorseHead’s psych while he is fighting the contageous Narznark disease.

This episode was heavily inspired by dark Sci-Fi horror movies/ Tv shows. Those of you who are familiar with Twin Peaks will probably see the inspiration from a mile away. 

If you want to see what happens to HorseHead since the last episode and want a fun 80s inspired Halloween special. Give it a watch!

HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 2

HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1

After my first attempt of making a ‘bad’ 1980’s inspired mini series with the episode HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning, I feel like i learnt a lot.

There are still many things for myself to learn, but I feel like I am getting that one step closer to the perfect episode with this episode HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1.

In this episode our protagonist HorseHead meets his FBI partner Detective Croak and is sent to hunt down a Narznark. Narznarks are infected Aliens that may just be zombie aliens! 

Please sit back, enjoy this second episode and the first of a Halloween 2 part special!

HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning. 

HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning

A brand new series created by myself has just started. It is about an alien hunting badass with a head of a horse, his name is HorseHead. This is the first episode. If you love bad 80s action films and appreciate films that don’t take themselves too seriously, give this a try! Please excuse a couple of spelling mistakes on the opening and closing title.

HorseHead Case File 1:The Beginning

Thank you!

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