Why BoJack Horseman is one of the best TV shows of all time

It’s hilarious.

There are very few TV shows or even films that have affected me the way BoJack Horseman has. What seemed to start off as “just another funny animation” quickly changed into one of the most relatable pieces of art I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. That is exactly what the strength of the show is, one minute you are laughing at a hilarious animal pun such as this:

Image result for bojack horseman gif

Then it rips your heart out with a scene like this: 

Every episode is filled with puns, satire and pop culture references, it is truly a show where if you blink, you will miss something. It may not be as funny as shows such as South Park or Archer, but it is brilliantly executed in many different ways. The show needs the humour throughout, to maintain a healthy balance between the dark story and the comedy.

It’s a brilliantly realistic portrayal of Hollywood

For a show about talking animals, BoJack Horseman is one of the only shows out there, that truly shows what Hollywood can do to people. It is an astonishing look into how someone can be ‘the next hot thing’ to a ‘nobody’.  The case example of this is BoJack, the show presents how an innocent person can be poisoned by the celebrity lifestyle and turned into a broken one.

On countless occasions, characters from the show will concentrate on the less important issues at hand, rather than the most pressing issues. This is incredibly similar to how our news is handled. One second they will be talking about a horrific story and then the next will be about a celebrity cutting their hair. Overall it represents everything that is L.A. the good, the bad and the ugly.

The characters are relatable and real

From Princess Caroline’s struggle to find love and have children, to Mr Peanut Butter’s and Diane’s struggling relationship, and BoJack’s constant struggle with depression and anxiety. The characters are all likeable and realistically flawed, even BoJack who start’s off as a very unlikeable horse to a relatable one.

Never, in my opinion, has an animated show gone so deep into what it’s like actually being human. Yes, there are amazing moments and hilarious memories, but life isn’t perfect and is full of depressing and horrid things and the brilliance of this show is how it displays this. It is full of relatable and ‘tear-jerking’ quotes which stay with you forever. The most recent one to me is what Diane says to Mr Peanut Butter, she says “Our relationship is like a magic eye poster, if you squint, it’s the most beautiful, amazing thing… but I’m so tired of squinting”. This scene tugged at my heartstrings and has stayed with me weeks later.

It’s on Netflix!

It’s hard to sum up, everything that is great about BoJack Horseman without just telling someone to watch it. All four seasons are on Netflix and it’s incredibly easy to get through them quickly. When you first start watching the show, you may feel it is an ‘okay’ show, but at least give the whole of season one a try, because trust me, it is worth it! If you want a show that is as hilarious as it is sad, one minute you’ll be crying with laughter and the next you’ll be weeping full of sadness, this show is for you. In a decade where there are tons of remakes, sequels and spin-offs, this one of a kind show is what we need.




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